VETS 2 GWAC: Functional Area Two

Functional Area Two deals with Information Systems Engineering. Its areas include system and software design, software engineering and information technology strategic planning and studies.

C.12.2.1 - Systems and Software Design, Development, and Integration
C.12.2.2 - Information Technology(IT) Strategic Planning, Program Assessment, and Studies
C.12.2.3 - Automated Workflow System Development and Integration
C.12.2.4 - Business Process Reengineering
C.12.2.5 - Chief Information Officer(CIO) Support
C.12.2.6 - Global Information Systems
C.12.2.7 - Software Life Cycle Management(SLCM)
C.12.2.8 - Software Engineering
C.12.2.9 - Customer Relationship Management
C.12.2.10 - Information Technology Architecture(ITA) Support
C.12.2.11 - Infrastructure Quality Assurance
C.12.2.12 - Instructional Design, Modeling, and Simulation
C.12.2.13 - SCE/CMM/CMMI Analysis and Implementation Support
C.12.2.14 - Anti-Virus Management Service(AVMS)
C.12.2.15 - Biometrics
C.12.1.16 - Computer Security Awareness and Training
C.12.2.17 - Disaster Recovery, Continuity of Operations, and Contingency Planning
C.12.2.18 - Hardware and Software Maintenance and/or Licensing
C.12.2.19 - Independent Verification and Validation(Security)
C.12.2.20 - Managed E-Authentication Service(MEAS)
C.12.2.21 - Managed Firewall Service
C.12.2.22 - Privacy Data Protection
C.12.2.23 - Public Key Infrastructure
C.12.2.24 - Secure Managed Email Service
C.12.2.25 - Security Certification and Accreditation
C.12.2.26 - Systems Vulnerability Analysis, Assessment, and Risk Assessment